Friday Five – The Tropical Trend

ImageIt’s been practically impossible to escape the tropical print trend this season. Love it or hate it, it’s pretty much exploded in our favourite high street collections. The bright colours, fun, summery patterns and retro feel of the clothes really appeal to me, and although my usual style is probably not as ‘loud’, I’m finding it hard to resist the tropical trend.

Spotting this fabulous Primark playsuit online didn’t help matters much. At the pittance price of £5, it’s a no-brainer really. Definitely something to bum around the beach on. For UK park days, I’d layer a white t-shirt underneath and team with sandals for a more laid-back summer look.

Jeans are a great way to test the trend waters. Hardcore trendsetters might opt for a head-to-toe patterned outfit, but for the fashion faint-of-heart (myself included!) I’d pair these printed jeans with a plain top and shoes for a hint at the look. The pale pink of these cropped skinnies, £48, Motel give a subtle hint. But I really do love these blue skinny jeans, £40, from River Island: the print, featuring parrots and birds, differs from the usual tropical patterns. Definitely my favourite piece of the post.

I featured this New Look bralet in my first holiday clothes post, and it really is good enough to mention twice! As if I needed any further convincing it is worth buying, it’s now dropped to £7 in the sale. Happy days!

And lastly, these H&M wedges, £24.99, literally made me gasp today. Comfortable and stylish, these wedges are up there with my favourite shoes of S/S12.

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend everyone!

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